July 6, 2014

5 steps to building a better website.

We are often asked, “Where do you begin when building a website?” It’s an interesting question. There appears to be so many steps that it can often seem like a daunting task. We suggest the following five steps:

1. Understand.

2. Plan.

3. Define.

4. Develop.

  • http://actioncooling.com/?kiko=day-trading-demokonto&058=e6 Design. To be efficient, we recommend designing just the home page layout for team approval. Once the home page is approved, we move on to designing second page templates to support the remainder of the site.
  • have a peek at this web-site Content. Copywriting is critically important in converting hits to leads – or even sales. It is also important to incorporate key phrases for search engine rankings.
  • a fantastic read Programming. After the design and content is approved, W3C compliant programming begins. This needs to be produced to to meet all of the technology and compatibility requirements.
  • follow link Testing. Testing is important to make sure that all of the design, programming and functional requirements are met. Often user research is conducted at this stage to ensure that the the project goals are being met, or to find additional improvements.

5. Implement.

July 8, 2013

Welcome to our new website.

It’s an exciting time at M2 Communications. Each week we continue to expand our network of new clients and partners. And with our new website we’ll be sharing more information, further samples of our work, and industry information that you can use every day. And we won’t be stopping there. We’ll be adding new technical and social features in the upcoming weeks – so please check back again.