Our Process

It’s really more than a process.
It’s how we bring greater marketing success
to our clients.


We believe that the most effective communications programs are developed when there’s a proper understanding of the challenges and opportunities a customer faces. We use our Discovery phase to meet with you and gain perspective through your eyes. We learn about your product or service, the industry you serve, sales channels, obstacles you face, opportunities to be had, market conditions, history, competition and much more. This 30,000 foot view helps us as we move forward to the planning phase where we chart the course of action we’ll take to help achieve your goals.


This critical step is where we roll up our sleeves and get down to work. We work with you to create and assess strategies to meet your goals, develop key messaging, positioning platforms, identify tactics, discuss budget and costs, create a deployment schedule and define how success will be measured. A plan gives a roadmap to guide our course, keeping everyone on task, informed and engaged. It also provides flexibility when curve balls are thrown and gives us the ability to make adjustments when needed.


This is where the fun begins. Brainstorming sessions are held, concepts tossed around, big ideas flow. Several ideas are nurtured and eventually the best of the best rise to the top. Copy is written and the ideas are brought to life. The story is ready to be shared.


The plan has been deployed. Now what? Management wants to know the ROI on their investment. This is sometimes a tricky, uncomfortable time for marketing managers and agencies. The good news is that metrics were discussed in the beginning planning phase. We’ve talked about how success will be defined. This is when reporting tools and analytics are called upon to share results. How did we do? What was our success? Where should we step up our efforts? Are there areas we should review budgets and invest further in our success? Are there areas for improvement? This information helps us plan future programs.